Is YOUR family prepared for the following events?

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It's best to be prepared!


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Seems like these events are more severe every year!


That's why we are providing (at no charge) the following templates

to help you prepare for these emergencies.



Water - How much water do I need for my family / group?


(Click here to download our WATER TEMPLATE)


Medical Supplies - What do I need to prepared for medical emergencies?


Click here to download our MEDICAL SUPPLIES TEMPLATE


Food Items


Click here to download our FOOD ITEMS TEMPLATE


Misc. Items


Click here to download our MISC. ITEMS TEMPLATE


Click Here to access these files (and more) on our One Drive



We also have a Resource Center



All templates require Microsoft Excel

Google Sheets or Acrobat Reader



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Red Cross


Both FEMA and Red Cross have smartphone apps!



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