The 40% Solution

Inventory Magic Spreadsheet announces program to help those affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. It is estimated that over 40% of the jobs lost will not return! That’s approximately 16 million jobs!

We’ve developed a program to help address this situation. (If you would like to work with us to develop this program, please contact us.) It will start small, and grow from there. You can be a part of the success of this program. Let’s see how many people we can help.

1. Your mission is to generate leads to attend our free Inventory Control webinar.

2. You will receive a commission ($50) when a webinar attendee buys Inventory Magic Spreadsheet.

3. You will also have the opportunity to learn a new skill:

Inventory Control Specialist

In addition, for every sale, we will donate $10 to Feeding America. (Feeding America distributed 379 million meals in March!)

About Us

Our company is the developer of an Excel solution for Inventory Control. We have been in business since 1991, helping clients control their inventory. (see list of users in FAQs below)

We are looking for individuals or groups who:

1. Want to earn additional income.

2. Are familiar with Microsoft Excel.

3. Have access to a computer, the internet, and Microsoft Excel.

We provide training and support via online webinars and meetings. You can view our webinar schedule here.

We have determined that the most cost effective marketing is the online webinar, where people can determine if our solution is the right one for them.

Your mission is to find people interested in attending our free webinar on Inventory Control.

If your lead purchases our product, you will receive a generous commission. Inventory Magic Spreadsheet sells for $99. Your commission is $50. BTW, there is no cost to participate in this program. Our mission is to help those people affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

In addition, every sale results in $10 donated to Feeding America. Sounds good? We hope so.

To learn more about Inventory Magic, please visit:

Stay healthy,

Bob Schuster




Q: What type of groups, business or organizations use Inventory Magic Spreadsheet (IMS)?

A: Here’s a list groups, organizations, and businesses that have used Inventory Magic:


Automobile Repair


Break Room Items

Construction Companies

Country Clubs

Computer Maintenance

Doctors and Dentists

Emergency Supplies

Facilities Management

Fire Departments

Food Service

Insurance Companies

Janitorial Supplies

Jewelry Shops

Mail Order

Restaurants and Bars

School Cafeterias

UPS Stores

Visitors Information Centers

Vintage and Collectable Art Objects

Wine and Liquor Stores


Q: What do the users of Inventory Magic have in common?

A: In one way or another, they need to keep track of parts or supplies.


Q: Do I need to complete a W9 form?

A: Yes. Before we can send you money, you must submit a W9.

(see Learning Center) for W9 Form

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