Who uses Inventory Magic?

Here’s a list of groups, organizations, and small businesses that use InventoryMagicSpreadsheet:

Ambulance Companies –

Automobile Repair –

Bakeries –

Break Room Items –

Construction Companies –

Country Clubs –

Computer Maintenance –

Correctional Institutions –

Doctors and Dentists –

Emergency Supplies –

Facilities Management –

Fire Departments –

Food Service –

Insurance Companies –

Janitorial Supplies –

Jewelry Shops –

Mail Order –

Restaurants and Bars –

School Cafeterias –

UPS Type Stores –

Visitors Information Centers –

Vintage and Collectable Art Objects –

Wine and Liquor Stores –

Your starting point is in those areas where you have real world experience. For example, one person has experience in pizza shops, first responder and fitness centers.

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