Generate instant income from home and help feed America

The ravages of the COVID-19 pandemic are taking a heavy toll on our nation and working people are hurting: 30 million people unemployed. 16 million jobs never to return… a 40 percent loss.  If you’re feeling stressed (and who isn’t), READ ON…

I’m excited to tell you about a business opportunity that you can manage working from home on your computer, working with your friends and business contacts to spread the word. 

RISK/REWARD: There’s zero risk, no start-up costs and you set your own schedule.  We walk you through the process.

COST/BENEFIT: No need to be a techie; just reach out to the people you know. For every lead you generate that results in a $99 sale, you earn $50.  In addition, for every sale, we will donate $10 to Feeding America (the nation’s largest domestic hunger-relief organization—a powerful and efficient network of 200 food banks across the country, highly rated by Charity Navigator).

INTRODUCING INVENTORY MAGIC:  Since 1991, our company has been helping clients control their inventory. School lunchrooms, construction companies, jewelry shops, doctors, dentists, beauty salons, all have one thing in common, INVENTORY–and we offer an inventory solution designed to make the complex process of tracking supplies and products simple and effective.

SHOW ME THE MONEY: You don’t need to buy the program; you simply open the door for your contacts to attend the webinar, then claim your $50 reward for every introduction that results in a purchase. 

ENTER THE MAGIC: The wizardry behind our solution is based on an Excel spreadsheet that is easy to use and customize. Geared for small businesses, entrepreneurs and groups of all sorts and sizes, the program pays for itself by avoiding costly guesswork, supply disruptions and shortages. Presto-chango, problem solved! 

Big corporate solutions cost thousands of dollars just for entry level plans. Inventory Magic costs $99 with no additional subscriber costs.  At that price, it’s a slam dunk! CHECK OUT THE LIST OF FAQs for the types of businesses who use Inventory Magic. 

HOW DO I START? All YOU need to get started is (1) access to a computer, (2) an Internet connection (3) friends and associates.

It’s all spelled out in our free webinar that takes only minutes to review. You will learn simple, friendly talking points that help steer the conversion so you can quickly identify the best prospects. Think of the benefits.  You will be helping yourself and other working Americans survive and thrive. 

Who uses Inventory Magic?

Here’s a list of groups, organizations, and small businesses that use InventoryMagicSpreadsheet:

Ambulance Companies –

Automobile Repair –

Bakeries –

Break Room Items –

Construction Companies –

Country Clubs –

Computer Maintenance –

Correctional Institutions –

Doctors and Dentists –

Emergency Supplies –

Facilities Management –

Fire Departments –

Food Service –

Insurance Companies –

Janitorial Supplies –

Jewelry Shops –

Mail Order –

Restaurants and Bars –

School Cafeterias –

UPS Type Stores –

Visitors Information Centers –

Vintage and Collectable Art Objects –

Wine and Liquor Stores –

Your starting point is in those areas where you have real world experience. For example, one person has experience in pizza shops, first responder and fitness centers.

Talking points:

Here’s some of the things we’ve learned over the years:

Listen more than you talk.

What is the customers problem?

How can you solve it?

The customer will buy a solution to their problem.

Learn to ask with intelligence – Correct

Would you like to by my product? – Does not work very often.

SHOW vs TELL – Show how the suit fits.

Here’s an interesting selling video on YouTube:

Video Notes:

1. Masage the emotional benefit. Not functional benefit.

People buy because of EMOTION, and justify the decision with LOGIC.

Imagine how you will feel when…

2. Create problem. Give product as solution.

How often do you run out of stock?

How much cash is in obsolete inventory?

Inventory Magic Spreadsheet to the rescue!

3. Attach a story to the product to differentiate from others.

The James Bond Tuxedo

The John F. Kennedy Pen

Here’s another interesting selling video on YouTube:

Video Notes:

Do not talk too much.  Let the client speak.  Take notes. Be conscious of your body language.

1. What Motivated You To Meet With Us Today?

2. EXACTLY– What Are You Trying To Accomplish Here Today?

3. Where Are You Today?  – And Where Do you Want To Be?

4. What Seems To Be The Problem?  How Long Have You Had This Problem?

5. If This Meeting Accomplished Everything You Could Possibly Hope For— What Would That Look Like?

Finally, an excellent video featuring Denzel Washington